Laurel Mountain Farm

Meet the Willis family of Laurel Mountain Farm! They live in Wilder, TN, and sell at the Oak Ridge Saturday market:

“We, at Laurel Mountain, are a family owned and operated farm. Our main harvests include: fresh MEATS, EGGS, Goat Milk SOAP.  We do not use steroids, hormones, or medicated feed.  This is our personal conviction and what we feel God has led us to do.  When we bought our land twelve years ago, it was because God gave our family a mission.  And it did not come in a night; few things of value do.  Because God, in His wisdom, created seeds to grow from the roots up.  What He plants in your heart is a seed. Yield to it and you will see the harvest of fruit – from salvation to finding purpose and success.  Today, the landscape of our farm continues to progress, reflecting Christ’s faithfulness.  We look forward to bringing the blessings of our harvest to share with you and your family.”

Read more about this family farm at their website:





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