FARM Products June 26 – June 30

Hines Valley Farm: Chard, basil, lettuces, arugula, cherry/Juliet/Cherokee, tomatoes, eggplant, green beans, small cucumbers and squash, including patty pan and zucchini – Tues
Whippoorwill Ridge Farm:William’s Pride apples – Tues/Fri/Sat

William’s Pride Apples

Star Farm: (Friday) Elephant garlic, two types regular garlic, Drying garlic(Saturday) Blue Lake green beans, Tendergreen green beans, straightneck squash, zucchini, sweet & hot peppers, and fresh cut herbs
Shirley DeBusk: Honey, eggs, squash, beans & blackberries -Saturday
Julian Hopper: Sweet corn, white sweet & peaches and cream – Saturday
Jo & Bud Cannon: Tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, squash – Saturday
Gary Brown: Green beans – Saturday
Justin Lively: Green beans, cabbage, potatoes & squash – Saturday
Jack Hansard: Peaches – Tues/Friday
Don Long: Peppers, garlic, eggs, onions – Saturday
Mountain Meadows Farm: Peaches, Blackberries, Blueberries, Cantaloupes, Heirloom and Red Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Green Beans, Squash, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Eggplant, Red Onions & Sweet Onions, Fingerling Potatoes & New Potatoes, New Crop of Lettuce, Beets, Chard, Kale, Red Cabbage, Basil, & Cauliflower – Tues/Fri/Sat.
Zavels Family Farm: Sweet peppers, blue potatoes, tomatoes, several varieties eggplant- All Markets
Bridgette’s Fresh Produce: Squash: crookneck, straightneck, zucchini, Mediterranean, Okra: Red velvet & emerald green, Heirloom tomatoes: red, yellow, pink, cherry & orange, Eggplant: fairytale, black & white beauty, purple & green bell peppers, jalapino peppers, green beans, cucumbers, Swiss chard, potatoes, fresh cut herbs & onions – Tuesday
Kira’s Kids Dairy: Farmstead goat cheese: Chevre, Gouda, Feta & Yogurt – Friday, Saturday
Hillside Bakery: Breads: Holiday fruit, ciabatta, kalamata olive, sunny flax seed, pain au levain & rye. Carrot-currant vegan muffins, apricot-ginger scones, biscotti & granola – Friday & Saturday
VG’s Bakery: Specialty breads, premium cookies, biscuits & more-all markets
Tennessee Valley Farms: Special 15% off Ground Beef–THIS WEEK ONLY! Grass-fed beef – Tues/Fri/Sat.

See YOU at the FARM Markets!


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