Products for Sep 13 – 17

Products expected at FARM Markets Knoxville & Oak Ridge this week:

Abundant Acres Farm: Kale, collards, swiss chard, beans, squash, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, garlic – Tuesday, Friday
Hines Valley Farm: Arugula, cucumbers, eggplant, lettuce, okra, potatoes, squash, tomatoes, long beans, hot
peppers, blackeyed peas, basil, amaranth – Tuesday
Zavels Family Farm: Pears, celery, basil, carrots, eggplant and potatoesFriday, Saturday
Terraced Garden Farms: Norland Red potatoes, Beauregard sweet potatoes & butternut squash – Friday
Herb & Plow: New crop of sugar baby watermelons, ambrosia cantaloupe, spring mix lettuce, potatoes, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, butternut, peppers, zephyr squash, patty pans – Wednesday, Friday
Jericho Farms: Herbs, herb vinegars- Saturday
Mountain Meadows Farm: Pears, apples, the last of the peaches, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, green beans, colored peppers, eggplant, potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut, acorn, and delicata winter squash, a few watermelons and cantaloupes – Tuesday, Friday & Saturday
Shirley DeBusk: Honey & cut basil – Saturday
Tennessee Valley Farms: Grass-fed beef – Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
Crosswind Farm: Tomatoes, lettuce, beans, peppers, & cucumbers – Tuesday, Friday & Saturday
Locust Grove Farm: Sheep’s milk cheese – Friday
Kira’s Kids Dairy: Farmstead goat cheese – Friday
Hillside Bakery: Sunny flax, pain au levain, miche, raisin w/coriander and oatmeal breads.  Whole wheat pizza dough.  Apple-ginger scones, dark chocolate-walnut scones, carrot-raisin muffins & granola – Friday, Saturday
Betty Longworth: Cut flowers & bouquets – Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
VG’s Bakery: Breads, cookies, scones & baked goods – all markets
Don Long: Potatoes, Eggs – Saturday

See you at the FARM Markets!


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